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About CSS Ocean

CSS Ocean is a free website directory for website owners and an inspiration website for designers and developers. We are a website gallery that is driven and focus on something we love: helping businesses grow, helping websites increase traffic.

CSS Ocean remarkably works hard to become the front liner in bringing you closer to your target market. Your business is our business. Your success is our success. While this sounds cliché, we aim to deliver. We focus on becoming the missing link, the bridge, between you and your future customers. How?

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Why we do it?

We understand how hard it is to be in a cut-throat competition. We also understand how tough it is to spend for advertisements and marketing strategies just so your customers will hear you. That is why we are here to give you a hand. We are here to encourage you to do directory submission for free and allow us to do the rest.

All that we have — from marketing techniques to SEO strategies, from our visibility on search engines to our social media success — are yours too. Even our visitors are your visitors as well. These are what you get, and more, when you share your website and your business with CSS Ocean.

How we do it?

It takes more than time and hard work to accomplish this. But somehow we pulled through. With our passion to make it big, not just for us but for you as well, we continue to learn and adapt to the ever-changing game of the online world.

We know how fast-changing the internet is. It is always evolving, always changing. Always giving us something new. With all of these, we make it a goal to survive. And that means knowing the ins-and-outs of search engine optimization, digging deeper on the rules of internet marketing, keeping up with social media trends and giving what online users want. It is a tough job yes, but we love the challenge and the drive it is giving us. How we do this business makes us who we are.

We are a team of young, driven, internet-savvy individuals that shares the same heart and passion for the world wide web. We are composed of:


that analyze and implement changes and updates to the website to make sure that this CSS gallery is optimized for search engines. They ensure that the website shows up at the top of the search to guarantee visibility and traffic.

Content Marketing

that maximize the impact of contents to its audience. They work on the strategic elements of an article to achieve business goals and make a comprehensive plan for future blogs posts.


that write according to the plans and instructions of the content marketing strategists. They keep the website updated and provide information — from SEO strategies to web design, from writing contents to marketing tips — that are relevant to your business.


that make sure that the website gallery is professional, intuitive, user-friendly and SEO-friendly for the sake of your business and our visitors.

Our Vision

We aim to be the leading CSS or website gallery that best understands the need of internet marketers for help in gaining traffic and growing their online business.

Our Mission

To help and encourage internet marketers to post their website for free in directory listings like CSS Ocean that would increase visitors to their website without spending dollars on marketing efforts.