Frequently Asked Questions:

What is CSS Ocean?

CSS Ocean is a website directory and a gallery of beautiful and functional websites. CSS Ocean is for both website owners who are looking to get more attraction and designers who are looking for design inspirations.

Why post my website at CSS Ocean?

CSS Ocean can help your website increase its visibility and gain more traffic considering it has thousands of visitors daily. Your website will be posted in our directory which will give you high quality back link and eventually help your SEO rankings

How can I post my website at CSS Ocean?

Posting your website at CSS Ocean is easy. Just click on the “Post Your Website” tab at the homepage and provide the necessary details such as website screenshot, website URL, full name, company name, email address and a short description about your site.

How can CSS Ocean send more traffic to my website?

The visibility of your website in CSS Ocean guarantees traffic to it. Our visitors are your visitors too. The moment they click on the featured image of your website, they will be directed to it.

Is there an expiration to my post?

No. Your website will be posted in CSS Ocean as long as the website gallery exists.

Will you share my information to other websites?

CSS Ocean guarantees privacy for your personal information. We will only display your website name, company name and website description in our directory.

Is posting in CSS Ocean safe for my SEO rankings?

Yes, because CSS Ocean is an SEO-friendly website. We value search engine rankings and we make sure that CSS Ocean is a relevant and authority website.

Are there requirements before I can post my website at CSS Ocean?

No specific requirements but it would help if your website is professional, responsive and user-friendly.

Do I have to pay to submit my website?

Because of hosting and maintenance cost, we have decided to charge $5 on our regular posting. To learn more about our pricing please check our pricing page