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6 Types of Modern Digital Shoppers According to A Study

In a pursuit to know more about online shoppers, GroupM Next conducted a research that will help businesses identify and understand their target audience. The study also shed light on how you can reach and persuade these customers to make a purchase. Here they are: Basic Digital Consumers These are the group of consumers that have the second-highest likelihood of buying online. 29% are digitally engaged and they use the search engines, retail sites and brand sites to research for the products they are interested to purchase. The buying triggers for them are right offer, discounts and promotions. They often make a purchase decision using a laptop or desktop. In terms of digital media exposure, the basic digital consumers have the highest percentage of remembering display ads. In fact, 10% said that display ads prompted them to research more about the advertiser. Retail Scouts These are the consumers that are comfortable in shopping online. However,…

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7 Marketing Campaigns That Are So Good You Can’t Resist Them

If there is one thing in common among big brands, it’s the fact that they launched campaigns and catchphrases that cut above the rest. They made an impact in the industry they belong to and they hit some universal truth that makes us remember them now and again. So what are some of the best marketing campaigns? What can we learn from them? In here, we rundown 7 of the most unforgettable advertisements, in no particular order: Nike: Just Do It Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign was exhilaratingly good as it triggered human emotions. The message was clear and simple: Don’t want to hit the gym? Just do it. Don’t want to run miles? Just do it. It was a slogan that encourages people to go beyond their limits.  It was also the same slogan that gave the brand a recognizable name, and a whopping $800 million sales in 1988 and a ridiculous $9.2…

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Like It or Not: Influencer Marketing is the New Big Deal

Influencer marketing is now a buzzword. This is for the fact that it drives 11 times more revenue than your traditional forms of digital advertising. If this isn’t enough to convince you why it needs to be part of your marketing strategy, here are six solid reasons why it should be: 1. Native ads are the new normal With consumers losing interests over traditional ads that aggressively tell them to buy this and that, changing how you play the game is important. Banners ads are winding down considering that 15 percent of mobile users and 26 percent of desktop consumers use software to block ads from being displayed. This is where native ads through influencer marketing come into the picture. Your influencer marketer won’t directly tell their followers to buy your products. Instead, they will share your brand in a natural setting. No hard-selling. No over-promotion. Just pure storytelling of their…

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7 Valid Reasons Why You Should Use GIFs in Content Marketing

The popularity of GIFs has been big for the internet world. Whether you are in Twitter or in Facebook, you will see GIFs. It has been in the social sphere. Your customers are enjoying it. Your competitors have been capitalizing on it. If you haven’t jumped into this trend yet, it’s about time you do so and here are the reasons why: GIFs enhance a brand’s message It is no secret that internet users have a short attention span to texts, even to static images. GIFs offers a solution with its visual content power. They will help deliver your brand’s message in a more effective and appealing way. GIFs also create a demand and an encouragement for your target audience to listen to your brand’s message, giving you an opportunity for a better ROI. GIFs drive social engagement GIFs are built to be shared and easily consumed across social networks,…

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5 Ways to Earn Money from Instagram

Just like bloggers and YouTubers, Instagrammers are now also making money from the contents they produce. You asked yourself, “Can I do that as well?” Whether you are looking for free stuff or extra cash, your Instragram feed offers multiple streams of potential income. Now you asked, “How?” Here you go: Your bio should have the right information Get rid of fake names and fake accounts. If you want to earn through Instragram, you have to appear credible and trustworthy. Provide your contact information, where you from, and what your feed is about. It is a good move to add a few keywords and hashtags to make sure that the right followers, and brands, will find you. This is actually the first step you need to accomplish if you are serious of making money from Instragram. Focus on a niche Curated Instragram feeds always attract more followers. You have to…

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25 Stimulating Digital Marketing Quotes to Inspire Your Strategies

We all need inspiration to materialize ideas and bring strategies to life, especially in the world of digital marketing. Luckily, our favorite marketing gurus and influencers have said insightful quotes and statements that I rounded up in this post, in order to keep you going this 2017. Stay motivated! What inspiring digital marketing quote resonates you best? We love to hear it!

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A Simple Guide to Starting Your Online Business

With how technology is evolving, it isn’t surprising that many people are venturing into online business. It is easier compared to traditional business and you get to reach a larger market. However, not everyone knows how to start investing and monetizing with the help of the internet. If you are one of them, here’s a simple guide on how you can start. Read on! Find a niche The first stop to starting your online business is to find a niche that you are interested in. You have to focus on a specific market that you will be able to monetize. Make sure to research and study it first before venturing. It will be a life-long investment and you can’t just change your mind about it. Remember, it is your money down the line. It should be a worthy risk. Know your market and the competition You need a business that is widely…

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10 of the Best Marketing Tools for Smart Marketers

Fact of the matter is, online marketers need more than cash and a plan to make a successful run in the online world. It is a business with a cut-throat competition. You will compete with the marketers in your industry, you need to compete for people’s attention, you need to compete to get to the top of major search engines. It is a never-ending competition before you savour the taste of success. And surely, you need all the help you can get to survive and make a cut above the rest. With that in mind, we listed ten of the most useful online marketing tools you can take advantage of. Read on! 1. Google Analytics It is somehow given that you cannot move forward with your online marketing without Google Analytics. This is a free tool that is hard to pass up considering that it is Google’s go-to solution in understanding who…

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PeoplePerHour Review: Your Guide to Hiring Your Freelancer

PeoplePerHour is one of the several websites where thousands of freelancers find home. Whether you are looking for someone to work on web development, writing projects or any other digital works, they got it covered for you. In their website, you can see that they have sold over 250,000 hourly-based projects to over 150,000 satisfied buyers. These figures speak for themselves: PeoplePerHour is a good place to find your next employee whom you can work with virtually. But certainly, you won’t easily jump into the idea of hiring someone from PeoplePerHour without a few questions. Like usual customers, you need to see things clear first and see if where you’re headed is beneficial for you or not. With that in mind, let this PeoplePerHour review shed some information that you might find useful. Have a good read! About PeoplePerHour In over three years, PeoplePerHour has sold more than 250,000 jobs paid in hourly basis. It…

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